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Finding authenticity through Writing, Podcasting and Animation

My name is Denis. I started writing in my early twenties when I graduated from university.

I started coding in 2014.

I started podcasting in 2017.

I published my first book last year.

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we all have an outlet whether it is constructive or not.

Whether we know it or not, we all have a form of therapy. Some of us engage in our form of therapy to soothe and distract ourselves from the difficult feelings inherent in our lives.

Some people like to go to the pub and watch football. Others enjoy shopping. Then there are those who have friends who understand them and who they can really talk to.

Art by Davey Villalobos

Writing without a purpose.

Is it possible to write without a structure? Would it confuse the reader or could it open their mind and your mind to a new way of thinking?

Would my journaling and meanderings of my mind be helpful to someone else other than me?

I read books and articles because I want to think about my life in different ways. I want new insights and fresh perspectives that can help me see my life in a way that makes me feel less alone and less stuck.

I don’t read to read technically beautifully constructed sentences. That’s what English in school…

Art by Davey Villalobos

Embrace your inner misfit.

Imagine having gigantic bright wings that you were ashamed to show the world. Imagine spending a lifetime pondering the universe and the meaning of life only to never share any of your deepest and most enlightening thoughts and insights with others.

Imagine what your world would look like if you knew there were other deep thinking misfits just like you out there.

Art by Davey Villalobos

Navigating your way as a creative person.

Dogma was the bain of my life and I didn’t even know it.

You can’t do this. You can’t do that.

You must behave like this and you must never do that.

Writing is this and it’s not that.

This is what culture looks like but don’t start thinking about where it came from or how it infiltrated your belief systems while you were distracted into looking the other way.

Culture just is and that’s that.

All of these things were opinions of course but the authoritative bias in my brain made them appear like unshakable truths about life.


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An antidote to writing in a world where the rules forever change.

Sometimes I get the feeling that this platform is all about writing for money.

That it’s all about writing to please publications and curators.

That it’s very serious stuff. YOU MUST SPEAK ABOUT FACTS AND ONLY FACTS!

You must cite experiments and back up every word you’re saying because you need to make me happy, that is your sole purpose as a writer. To make me happy!

Sound familiar? I bet you had a teacher like this who sucked the joy out of writing for you. …

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Is it possible to do without money?

As I recently started writing my second book, this time around creativity, I have been reflecting on what The Happy Mindset is 3 years from when I started it.

When I first started The Happy Mindset I had no idea what I was creating. Most people looked at me like I had two heads when they heard about this thing I was working on called The Happy Mindset.

I knew it came from the deep frustrations I felt about the world. It came from my mental health struggles and the anger and resentment I felt for systems.

Systems that were…

Art by Davey Villalobos

Seek to express what’s in your heart instead.

As much as I enjoy the process, it’s difficult.

The process is where you grow as an artist. It is the path of individuation from a group and it’s the path where you forge community.

Because it’s difficult I often find myself trying to rush the process. Wishing that I had already made it safely to the end. Wishing I was no longer on the battlefield of life.

That my ideas have been accepted and I can actually see the change in my environment I so desperately longed for.

Not the change I wish to see in my head. Not…

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Advice on changing the culture from someone who has done it.

It’s a big question. Like any big question, this question has been on my mind for a long time.

I dare say it was on my mind when I got interested in French at the age of 14.

Back then I didn’t understand what culture was. If someone asked me I would meet them with a blank stare before reciting off something along the lines of culture is about tradition and music.

But culture is so much more than this.

As Seth Godin would say culture — is the answer to what people like us do around here.

Then how…

Art by Davey Villalobos

Instead, work through your feelings when the wrong people show up at your door.

It might sound cliche to say that if you try and speak to everybody you end up speaking to nobody but there is a lot of truth in it.

In reality, this idea that I should speak to everyone and take an active interest in them was something I struggled with long before I became a writer.

Deep down I felt guilty for belonging to different cliques in school.

I carried this clique way of looking at the world well into adulthood and it’s something I am working through to this day.

Today whenever I meet someone I recognise from…

Denis Murphy

I speak about self-education, art, creativity, language & culture.

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